The Maidu used different materials for their homes based on their particular region and the seasons.

Southern Maidu Indian winter homes were made out of slabs of cedar bark. Others built dome houses covered with earth. The Maidus that lived in the mountains built cone shaped houses. During long hunting trips, shelter was often constructed out of twigs and grasses. www.


Bark covered pole homes


The Maidu Indians of the Sacramento Valley built large, circular, partially underground houses. These were from twenty to forty feet in diameter and from two to three feet deep. The Indians covered a pole and log framework with a heavy layer of earth, making a warm house.

The summer house was made of cut branches tied together and fastened to sapling posts, then covered with brush and often dirt. The Maidu built these summer shelters facing east, thus escaping the heat from the hotter afternoon sun rays.


Nisenan summer shelter
Nisenan summer tule hut


A comparison of vocabularies shows very quickly that Maidu speech falls into three languages: a southern one, and two northern tongues which pass as northwestern and northeastern. Habits of life were consequently somewhat diverse also; and with that distinction of customs went one of speech.


Maidu Round House used for ceremonies and dances.


























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