Text Instructions on How to View, Read or Send Work

To View Work:

  1. On the Internet with a Web Browser (ie Internet Explorer or Mozilla, etc.) go the http://thefolios.net
  2. For College Students, click on the links below "Writers..." to access student writing.
  3. For the writers, click on the links below "Reviewers..." to access feedback from college students on the students' writing.

To Read Work (Please save work as a doc file)

  1. After you have clicked into Reviewer or Writers, click on the appropriate draft, and either save the work onto your computer, or open it directly into a word processor.
    1. On a PC, you will have the option of saving the work or opening the work directly into word processing.
    2. On a Mac, the work will probably be automatically downloaded (saved) onto your computer; and a word processor must first be opened. After opening a word processor, the file must be located and opened within the word processing program.

To Send Work (in order for it to get onto the website)

  1. College students should e-mail their feedback as attachments directly to Professor Rodriguez at rodrigue@csus.edu
  2. Elementary school students (writers) should have their teacher e-mail work as attachments to Professor Rodriguez at rodrigue@csus.edu